What does onboarding look like at Wieni?

We believe onboarding is essential. Nothing is more important than a good start. How does this work?

Before you start

  • The team receives a heads up (multiple times), to make sure everyone is aware of your arrival.
  • Your email address, GitHub account, 1Password and Slack account are activated. You receive everything the week before you start.
  • Make sure to read through the complete Knowledge Center on wieni.com

Say hi to your buddy!

First of all, you are hooked up with your buddy. He or she will guide you through your first weeks at Wieni and will be your first point of contact for all your questions, concerns, musings,...

This person takes care of the following:

  • Make sure you have a laptop, monitor, mouse/trackpad and keyboard
  • An introduction in how we work from a technical point of view
  • Walk you through the way we use time tracking in Productive.
  • Explain when and where you can work
  • Add you to the invites of the upcoming Wieni Assemblies, Wieni Team Events and Wieni Retreats
  • Point you to the right visual assets to update your LinkedIn profile

Getting to know each other

We expect every Wieni to plan a short chat with the new Wieni the first few weeks. This can be in real life, virtual, synchronous or asynchronous.

You also have a check-in with a colleague from HR after 1 week, 1 month, 2 months and 3 months.

After some time you will also be Wieni of the week. This means among other things that you will receive the gift of direct feedback from colleagues.