What you need to know about our office

We believe work is an activity and not a place. We offer high flexibility when it comes to where and when you work. We default to asynchronous communication. However, we also acknowledge the limits of asynchronous and remote communication. For certain high interaction or social connection activities, we will push for real life interaction.

Therefore, we give everybody the opportunity to work from our office in Leuven (Belgium) whenever they want.

Getting there:

  • The full address is Blijde Inkomststraat 50, Leuven, Belgium (Google Maps link)
  • 650 m walking distance from the train- & bus station
  • Bike parking at the frontdoor
  • Car parking at Ladeuzeplein (€2,5/h)
  • Access: ring the front door or ask your token for digital access

We invite you to use the office to:

  • host meetings where physical presence is an added value
  • attend our monthly State of Wieni
  • smell, hear and see your colleagues in 3D (it’s mostly better and more immersive than the 2D alternative)
  • work in extreme silence and focus if you don’t have a decent working environment at home 
  • drink a coffee or have lunch together
  • use as a starting location for every event you organise in the old town of Leuven (walking events, candlelight dinners, after work drinks, movie evenings, sport activities …)

What you also need to know about the office:

  • you’re free to occupy every working desk or meeting room you see on one of the four flours
  • most of the Wieni’s will be in the office maximum 1 time per week
  • use our Google Calendar “Office Work” to plan your office days and let others know you’ll be there
  • the owner of the building is Rikolto: they’re working on affordable food for everyone
  • we have good single origin coffee delivered by Content 

Join the Office Teams-channel

There is a shared channel on Teams about “All Things Office”: (announced events, planned renovations, lunch orders, coffeemachine maintenance, ...). Please talk directly to Jelle Goossens on Slack, and he will let you in the shared channel in Microsoft Teams.