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We design and develop web applications that excel in performance and user experience. But most of all we are a home for passionate web enthusiasts with a willingness to learn & grow.

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We are ...

Challenging Strategists asking the right questions and coming up with inspiring ideas and innovative directions that challenge the status quo.

Skilled Software Engineers setting up secure and scalable hosting and streaming infrastructures with maximum performance and availability.

Tech-savvy Designers building interactive design systems and visually appealing user interfaces with a mindset of a developer and the brain of a user.

Dedicated Product Owners managing process and people, with an extreme passion for deadlines, concrete deliverables, and qualitative output.

Creative Developers using the latest development frameworks to connect backend logic with usable frontends.

WE constantly explore and study all things internet, always staying on top of new evolutions and opportunities

the wieni spirit:No sticky mess!

Which words characterize each "Wieni"? Which values do we live by?