How do we use Productive for time tracking?

Wieni uses Productive for time tracking. Time tracking is a crucial element within Wieni for the following reasons: invoicing is linked to this, it is possible to respond quickly to interim budgetary status questions from partners, and you can easily keep track of the amount of hours you worked.

Do I have to TRACK time nonstop from morning to night?

No, absolutely not. We work in a 40-hour working week, so obviously you have to work and track these hours. However, it is not the idea that you continuously time track for 6 hours or 8 hours in a row. No one can stay focused for that long. A relaxing break in between is always a good idea to clear your mind. Your time tracker should not be switched on at the following moments: lunch break, going for a walk, smoking, getting a can of coke in the shop,... 

All timesheets of the previous week must be submitted every Monday before 12 noon.

Rule of thumb: you don't have to match exactly 40 hours every week, but make sure you work 160 hours over a time period of 4 weeks in total.

How do I know which project to track time on?

We work with milestones and labels in GitHub. You track issues by default on the correct version, indicated via the milestone in GitHub.


  • Issues with the GitHub label 'SLA': you track on the right customer's SLA project
  • Issues with the GitHub label 'warranty/garantie': you track on the warranty project of the right customer. (Update: from now on we work with 1 warranty project per site)
  • Issues with the GitHub label 'time & materials/regie' : you track on the 'time & materials/regie' project of a version

For time & materials projects it is crucial that the link to the issue is mentioned as a note in your time tracking. This is because invoicing is linked to this.

If there is no active project, please report this to the project manager/product owner. They will then open or create a project.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I track travel time to a partner? Travel time is tracked on the specific project itself. In most cases you will discuss something with a colleague along the way or make further preparations or a report afterwards. You do not track the hours to and from Wieni.
  • How do I track deploys? Deploys are tracked on the same project on which you tracked the development, so the sprint version. If there are several projects with the same version, then you track on the main project (extensions) and not on the time & materials project.
  • How do I track a budget estimation? You can track budget estimates for existing partners on 'project management internal', for new bizz you can timetrack on 'new bizz'. In both cases it is important that the name of the customer is always added as a comment.
  • How do I track an SLA incident? You track an SLA incident on the relevant project, e.g. 'url | SLA 2022'. You always mention the problem or a link to the issue. Outside office hours (8 a.m. - 6 p.m.) you can track your hours double.

Tools for time tracking

You can use Productive in the browser, but you can also install the native application and start and stop your timer with one click. There is also a Productive application for your smartphone.

If it is not clear how or where to track time, don’t hesitate and ask a project manager or product owner. They will be happy to help you.