How do we use Slack?

Basic rule

  • We assume that everyone chooses their own rhythm and moments to read Slack messages.
  • If we want a certain team member to definitely read something - as soon as he or she reads Slack messages - we use an @-mention.
  • We assume a standard response time of 4 hours. More urgent? 📞  Pick up the phone.
  • If information is important for the future, we capture or summarise in GitHub in the right spatial context.


Fewer messages = fewer notifications

Don't send the first message "Hello", and then a second message with the actual message. Keep it to as few messages as possible.

Tip: set ENTER for breaks in your message, and CMD+ENTER for sending.

Write longer messages that scan easily.

Use emoji, lists, bold and italic in function of scannability.

Tip: you can also enable markup instead of the formatting toolbar

Use a thread

Respect your colleagues' "unread" counter by isolating discussions in threads.

Tip: use the “Also send to #channel” if it is relevant.

Short response? Emoji reaction!

Do not reply to a message with a message if you can also reply with an emoji.

👀 I'm looking at it

🙏 Thank you!

➕ I agree

👋 Hello or “I can help you”

✅ Ready or approved

👌 Okay

🙌 Yeah!