Cloud DevOps Engineer

Wieni is a home for sustainable digital talent. To support our long-standing partnerships with A-list brands, we are looking for Cloud DevOps Engineers who want to make the web a better place.

Full-time, Hybrid position, Employee

Your role

As a Cloud DevOps Engineer you will join our software team that designs and develops web applications that excel in performance and user-friendliness. We have been doing this for the past 15 years for clients such as VRT, Play Media, DNS Belgium, UZ Leuven, Bruzz, Studio 100, De Tijd, Stad Leuven, Joker Reizen, ...

You are

  1. Required experience with AWS services: ECS, Fargate, Cloudfront, CloudFormation, Lambda(@edge), SQS, DynamoDB, EC2, ALB, RDS and S3.
  2. AWS Certifications (Associate level or higher) are a significant plus.
  3. Experience with Google Cloud or Azure.
  4. Proficiency in CDK using TypeScript.
  5. Worked with Cloudflare.
  6. Familiarity with GitHub Actions.
  7. Knowledge in Docker.
  8. Ansible, especially for legacy system management.
  9. Fluent in Node.js.
  10. Experience with Pulumi is advantageous.
  11. Understanding of the Serverless framework, embodying a 'less is more' approach.
  12. Strong focus on security.
  13. Detail-oriented and perfectionist mindset.


Master or bachelor degree in Computer Science/Informatics (or similar through work experience).

An experienced developer in a similar context for minimum 3 years

Our offer

  1. A spot in our team of sustainable digital talent
  2. A full-time job in a 100% digital agency
  3. A long term engagement, not a short term project
  4. A 40-hour working week
  5. An efficient and effective communication culture - read more about how we default to asynchronous
  6. Remote, but depending on your location, we will look for the best ways to have quality face to face interactions if needed
  7. The possibility to determine when you work, with flexible working hours
  8. A horizontal structure with maximum responsibility
  9. An extensive Learning & Development programme, so you can continuously develop yourself and your capabilities
  10. Customers and products with impact - working towards a better and more accessible internet
  11. An employer with a top reputation

Our culture

We work in a culture that is built for and by our employees: in collaboration & teamwork, always open & transparent, driven by empathy, inspiring, no nonsense, getting things done, with a punctual mindset.

Where & how you will work

We believe work is an activity, and not a place. We offer high flexibility when it comes to where and when you work. We default to asynchronous communication.

However, we also acknowledge the limits of asynchronous and remote communication. For certain high interaction or social connection activities, we will push for real life interaction.

Our 1-2-3 hiring process

  1. Send us your CV. 💡Pro tip: create a short presentation, explain it in a video using Loom and make your application stand out.
  2. You’re invited to a “culture check” interview
  3. You talk to our CTO/CEO and a future colleague
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