Why are we an employer with a top reputation?

Developing a sustainable career starts with taking care of yourself. But as an employer, Wieni also actively wants to contribute to optimal working conditions. Based on the results of the Mediasensor survey, Wieni already seems to be succeeding.

The Mediasensor survey

Attentia and Mediarte regularly power up for the Mediasensor project: a large scale survey in the audiovisual industry. The latest edition consisted of 4.200 entries from media professionals across multiple companies to assess psychosocial risks in our industry. Turns out Wieni scores substantially better than industry average.

Some interesting results:

Strong engagement and work pleasure

87% of Wieni’s indicate they feel engaged inside the organisation. 93% even indicate they have pleasure in their work.

High quality of employment

Quality of employment is a very extensive part of the questionnaire and covers a wide range of topics: from participation to autonomy, remuneration, support by colleagues, work pace and work-life balance. In this field Wieni always scores above 80%. For “role ambiguity” or “changes at work” even 100%.

Stress prevention

Wieni actively addresses all possible causes of stress. Which shows in the results: concerning task demands, work pace, physical work circumstances, job insecurity, emotional and mental load, there are no urgent action items. Wieni scores above average compared to the rest of the industry.

Unsolicited behaviour? We say no!

Concerning aggression, conflicts, unsolicited sexual behaviour or bullying, Wieni sets a high bar. First of all, we don’t tolerate these types of behaviour. Secondly, these behaviours are not measured. 100% of Wieni’s attribute a positive score.

Motivational sources

Looking at labour organisation, support by direct management, variation, challenging work and work conditions, Wieni scores above average.

The benchmark

According to Mediasensor Wieni scores substantially above the benchmark in most categories.

This image showcases results Wieni can be extremely proud of. The scores of Wieni are the green circles. We outperform the rest (the stars) in all fields.

What employees say about Wieni:

“I rarely end my day in stress. Because we have managers who are well aware of what is happening. They make sure planning is realistic and feasible.”

Pham - Backend Developer

“I have the possibility to keep my natural interests in webtech up to date and implement them where needed for Wieni. We constantly have projects running from different worlds, which keeps us focused.”

Bart - Cloud Engineer