How many days per week do we come to the office?

We have no rules when it comes to the number of days you are supposed to come to the office.

First and foremost, it is very individual. A junior living close to the office that is only just starting, has other needs than someone senior living across the country. And our remote talent cannot fly to Belgium every week. But it also depends on your role. Are you on a maker or a manager schedule? Introvert or extravert? Or do you have a craving for afterwork drinks? Any reason is a good reason. Not “one-size-fits-all”.

We encourage independent decision-making by employees. We chose not to implement granular policies on where and when to work as such policies are likely to be suboptimal or flat out rejected by the majority of workers.

Instead we introduced some strategic interventions as experiments, based on flexibility by way of autonomy. We investigate original ways to establish deep human connections, whether as a team, in smaller groups or 1-on-1. Our goal is to create a human texture that outperforms the default 9-to-5 office culture where everyone just stares at a screen the whole day. We want to create a set of practices for more conscious collaboration and connection.

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