What we are
experts in?


Media platforms

How do you create engaging media platforms for a large audience?
Massive peaks of concurrent users - Mostly video content - Interactive tools that drive engagement - Fully managed auto-scalable infrastructure - …

Content design

How do you unlock large amounts of content in an accessible and user-friendly way?
Information architecture - WCAG / Accessibility - SEO - ...

Community building

How do you create tools and services that strengthen a community?
Subscription models - E-learning - E-commerce - ...

Personalised web

How do you create tools and services that are hyper-personal and business-driven?
Authentication - Event driven bespoke interfaces - Event driven architecture - ...

Smart home

How can you create a smart and personal user layer around hardware devices?
Service Design - Integration with external API’s and hardware devices - Bluetooth connectivity - Security - ...

We offer interventions around specific challenges