The web is agiftwe treat it as such

We deliver digital products that people actually need, use and love. By asking the right questions at the start, involving users early on and adopting a learning mindset throughout. Our ethos is that we want to leave the Web a better place than when we arrived.

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The internet is our passion

We constantly explore and study all things internet, always staying on top of new evolutions and opportunities.

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Users are our compass

We never assume to know the answer. Real users are our constant sounding board from start to finish.

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We dare to challenge

We listen, ask the right questions and aim to go beyond the obvious.

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Top quality is a process

We keep sparring and finetuning until everything is perfectly balanced.

we develop longstanding partnerships with a-list brands

Give Play Media a competitive edge in the media market through GoPlay, a next-level streaming platform.

“The strong growth we have achieved online is largely due to the high-performance platform and the smooth collaboration we have built up with Wieni.”

Wim Staelens




Play Media

Develop a world-class news experience across paper, audio and video through an integrated editorial backend system and redesigned digital touch points.

“Their creativity and involvement strikes us every day. They actively think along and challenge us in every aspect”

Jo Mariën


General Director



Translate a complex database of knowledge into a usable, accessible information portal for every patient.

“The Wieni team gave us perspectives that we had never thought of ourselves, and that was a breath of fresh air.”

Suzy Van Hoof


Head of Communication


UZ Leuven

A seamless e-commerce platform built with next.js, DatoCMS and Shopware

“With Wieni's UX and development expertise and their hands-on approach, we've created a unique digital product that perfectly represents our brand, making Wieni our structural partner for future digital developments.”

Broes Compernolle


Digital Marketeer



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we generate sustainableimpact

by learning and experimenting,
by embracing simplicity,
by owning technology and putting it to work,
by keeping constant pace indefinitely,
by working with clients who share the same values,
by accessibility of our products,
by how we hire, evaluate, and reward our people,
by the way we communicate,
by embracing change,
by knowledge sharing and teamwork,
by inclusive content and communication,
by data driven decisions,
by ultrafast working applications,  
by guaranteeing 99,999% uptime,
by believing in the open web

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we are passionateweb enthusiasts

We are Challenging Strategists, Tech-savy Designers, Creative Developers, Skilled Software Engineers, Dedicated Product Owners ...

But most of all we are a home for passionate web enthusiasts with a willingness to learn & grow.

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