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In January 2021, Wieni launched for Play Media (formerly SBS Belgium). We remain an active partner, continually enhancing and updating the platform.


About the project

In January 2021, Wieni launched for Play Media (formerly SBS Belgium). This platform succeeded,, and, which Wieni had launched in July 2017. Wieni continues to be an active partner, consistently introducing new developments and updates to


  • A headless Drupal-based Content Management System for managing an extensive video content library
  • A next.js front-end using static site generation
  • An elastic cloud infrastructure designed for scalability and 100% availability
  • A personalized viewing experience tailored to user profiles and data
  • A custom-branded video player powered by THEO technologies
  • APIs for Smart TV and mobile apps
  • Integration of preroll and midroll video ads
  • Digital Rights Management to protect against video content piracy
  • Interactive tools enabling fans to engage with their favorite programs, including De Mol, Dancing With The Stars, Big Brother, and De Slimste Mens ter Wereld

For, Wieni was and is responsible for the wireframes, design, backend and frontend development, hosting, and SLA (service level agreement 24/7).

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