What does a typical day of a Wieni developer look like?

Every day

Your main source to know what needs to get done is your GitHub issue list.

You attend stand-ups (at least for Apples and Pineapples). We tend to do stand-ups around noon right before lunch time, as this works well for the energy of both morning and afternoon people.

You attend sprint plannings, sprint refinements, sprint reviews or sprint retrospectives if you are working on Pineapples (most of the time we have 2-week sprints).


You receive your planning for the upcoming week asynchronously.


Tech Talk at 1pm (not every week): an informal chat between the development team based on a pre-curated agenda (60 mins).

Backend talk where small issues from GitHub for the next week are distributed among the team (30 mins).

Feedback review if you are Wieni of the Week.