How do we give feedback to each other?

Every week one Wieni is chosen as Wieni of the Week. He or she receives feedback from other Wieni’s. How does this work?

  • The Wieni of the Week is announced on Monday
  • Other Wieni’s are invited (there is no obligation) to directly give feedback to the Wieni of the Week before Thursday end of day.
  • The feedback is given by applying a retrospective format. Example given: by answering 3 questions: (1) START: what does the Wieni of the Week have to start doing? (2) STOP: what does the Wieni of the Week have to stop doing? (3) CONTINUE: what should the Wieni of the Week continue doing?
  • Topics can cover communication, skills, technical, behavior, ... anything goes.
  • This can happen synchronous or asynchronous, in writing, face to face or via pre-recorded video.
  • The Wieni of the Week brings all the feedback together in one document. He or she can choose to anonymise this feedback or not.
  • This document is discussed with a manager on Friday.

As we are a small team, you receive this type of feedback every 3 to 4 months. Next to these Wieni of the Week conversations, there is also a yearly performance review and a separate yearly compensation review.