Software Engineer

Full name: Robin Houtevelts / Home office: my home is where my WiFi is / At Wieni since: 2016 / Wieni ID #35

What do you do at Wieni?

I tell my mum "I make websites". I tell my family "I make websites, but not for you". To you I say "I develop web applications in every way possible. I am passionate about architecture, performance, scalability and caching. Subjects I know more about than matching colours."

I work with smart colleagues who solve every puzzle. But some puzzles are solved faster with an extra pair of eyes. At Wieni I spend a lot of my time by borrowing my beautiful eyes. For example for:

  • Backend code reviews (solicited and unsolicited)
  • Server-related issues
  • Time estimations for new projects

What are your favourite technologies within the Wieni tech-stack?

It is a personal mission to stay up to date and not to stagnate. Once in a while I will make a fuzz about doing something with websockets, browser notifications of serverless Symfony. For the moment I'm playing around a lot with GitLab CI pipelines.

What did you do before?

I was enrolled at KHLeuven. But most of the time I was building my own video platform at home! My degree is still lying behind the desk of the KHLeuven, as Wieni didn't ask for it. No hurry.

Why do you like working at Wieni?

Working at Wieni is about starting from scratch quite often. The choice of technology is not determined by legacy. Most of our project run PHP 8.1 and as soon as PHP 8.2 is ready for production, we are as well.

There is a lot of trust in the expertise of the developers. We are really involved from start to end.

And of course it is fun to work in a challenging environment with colleagues who know what they are talking about. No fakers here! On the other hand...