Backend developer

Full name: Benjamin Toussaint / Home office: Namur / At Wieni since 2022 / Wieni ID #55

What do you do at Wieni?

I am a backend developer. I find solutions to challenges. Everyday a new puzzle that needs to be solved. That is how I like it.

What did you do before?

My previous job was a startup in the cinema industry. Because of the pandemic I had to stop working there. It was one product, built from scratch, on top of an API. A lot of fun, but only 1 product.

You have been developing for 17 years? What makes Wieni different from others?

One word comes to mind when I think of Wieni: simplicity. Not too much process. If it works, it works. Straightforward communication. No conflict between management and the team or between project managers and developers. And a lot of trust.

What makes trust important to you?

Trust is about taking responsibility and living up to it. There is a scope, but you are free to work the way you want within that scope. You are trusted to take the right decisions. Which once again has a lot to do with straightforward communication. When I know I am trusted to work the way that I want, I am happy. It is the opposite of micro management. No one above me asking stupid top down questions. When there is trust, I can be a lot more creative, open minded and innovative.