Cloud Engineer

Full name: Bart Van Thillo / Home office: Gelrode / At Wieni since: 2009 (Day 1!!) / Wieni ID #2

What do you do at Wieni?

As Cloud Engineer I take care of everything that smells like cloud servers, cloud services, CDN, serverless apps,... That means working and developing in Ansible, AWS Cloudformation, Javascript, YAML. In close coöperation with all backend and frontend developers.

After completing the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification, we aim to have all Wieni applications working solely with the Web Services of Amazon.

What are your favourites from the Wieni tech stack?

I like the way we use Drupal as a performant backend, the same time maintaining a lot of flexibility for the frontend. I love playing around with AWS tooling such as Lambda, Cloudfront, API Gateway, SQS,... The past few years a lot of our internal tooling was built in Javascript which I find very pleasant to work with.

What did you do before?

After graduating I was a network engineer at KULeuven for two years. But now I'm already 14 years at Wieni.

How did you improve Wieni?

On your own, you are not really worth that much. So I don't give myself too much credit. Complementing the team at the right moment and challenging each other, moves us forward every day. And I am a crucial part of that. L'union fait la force!

Why do you like working at Wieni?

I can keep my natural web technology interests up to date and apply them where needed for Wieni. We always have projects from different worlds which keeps you on the edge.

We have a lot of autonomy and flexibility. I am not the formal type so I'm happy I can leave my shirt and tie at home.