Typescript Developer

Full name: Vincent Ravoet / Home office: Leuven / At Wieni since 2022 / Wieni ID: #53

What do you do at Wieni?

My title is Typescript Developer, but I focus on everything related to frontend development.

What did you do before?

I worked for the biomedical faculty of KULeuven. My focus was SCONE ('Student Career Online Network'), an online platform to manage internships and master theses for students of the faculty. I started as a Symfony backend developer, and after a while I also added frontend work. You could call it full stack. At the start of the pandemic I also worked on a tool for students and personnel to book corona tests. It exchanged data with Go.Data, a platform from the World Health Organization (WHO). Before that I also did an internship at Yappa. A really cool company (a bit like Wieni) where my interest for web development came to life.

What is your unique skill?

I like to look beyond the obvious. Not taking the easy route. I have a strong opinion about user experience for example. 

What is the advantage of doing frontend with a backend background?

You approach things differently. Which causes less fragmentation in the backend. It just makes code more stable, better readable and a lot easier to maintain.

What do you like doing when not coding?

I have got 2 kittens, a lovely girlfriend and aside from those, my biggest passion is music. I go to tons of concerts and I collect vinyl records. I like to play around and produce some tunes on the side as well. I also love cooking! During the pandemic delivery food started taking a big chunk out of my budget, so I became a big fan of and started cooking based on those recipes. I soon got a cutting knife as a Christmas present and my chopping skills improved. It is really fun and a lot healthier! I also like running and fitness. And I am experimenting with implementing minimalism in my apartment and habits.

Is there a link between cooking and programming?

Yes there is! Only when you gather knowledge about the different specific elements, you can merge them together as a well balanced entity. When you strike that balance, it is almost mind-blowing. To give you an example: I am pretty good at spaghetti sauce. I know what to do and even more importantly what not to do, to end up with a good sauce. With programming it is exactly the same.