Project Manager

Full name: Vicky Naten / Home office: Hasselt / At Wieni since 2023 / Wieni ID: #60

What is your role at Wieni?

I serve as a project manager, responsible for overseeing projects from inception to completion. This encompasses various aspects, such as onboarding new clients, pre-development preparations, day-to-day operations, client relations, and managing invoices. Consequently, I am deeply involved in nearly every facet of Wieni's projects.

Naturally, the specific process varies from project to project. It commences with understanding the client's needs and tailoring our approach accordingly. Thus, the responsibilities of a project manager are exceptionally diverse and comprehensive.

What was your previous role?

I initially began my career at De Persgroep, prior to its merger with Medialaan, in a sales-oriented position within the advertising field. Over time, I transitioned into the role of a product manager for digital advertising. In this capacity, I oversaw the development of products designed for brands and marketers to manage their digital marketing campaigns. These products ranged from banners and video ads to more innovative collaborative endeavors.

Subsequently, I embarked on a detour in Hasselt, where I assumed the role of a project manager for the economy department, collaborating with local businesses. My responsibilities spanned diverse areas, including marketing, communications, finances, legal matters, as well as the development of digital products tailored to entrepreneurs' needs.

What motivated you to join Wieni?

My enduring passion for digital technology led me to Wieni. I saw Wieni as an ideal fusion of the expertise I had cultivated during my previous roles in the media industry and my profound affinity for digital products.

One aspect that stood out to me, even during the application process, was the company's mindset. Wieni fosters an open and flexible culture, not only in terms of remote work but also in the way we interact with one another. Notably, I was impressed by the wealth of information available in the knowledge center on the website. This level of transparency is a rarity among companies, and it greatly assisted me during the application process.

What's your go-to way to relax and recharge when you're not working?

I prioritize spending quality time with my loved ones, enjoying dinners, drinks, and events together. Although I used to take an interest in fitness, I've taken a step back due to an injury. In the meantime, my 5-month-old cat, Charlie, keeps me entertained with his developing personality. Thankfully, he's becoming calmer during my meetings and I'm not getting any claws in my back during the day.

I have a passion for travel, and Cuba is currently at the top of my travel bucket list due to its captivating culture. When I'm on vacation, I strike a balance between planning and spontaneity. I ensure accommodation is booked and do some research on the destination, but I also value the freedom to go with the flow. After all, I aim to enjoy my holidays without turning into the project manager of my own vacation.