Backend Developer

Full name: Benchaphon Van den Eynden / Home office: my home is where Robin's WiFi is / At Wieni since 2019 / Wieni ID: #45

What do you do at Wieni?

As Backend developer it is my task to turn desired functionalities into programmed solutions, based on wireframes and technical analysis. In collaboration with frontend/javascript developers and product owners.

Tasks are managed via issues in GitLab where everything is documented and curated by product owners.

What are your favourite technologies inside the Wieni tech-stack?

At Wieni we have our own Drupal 8 stack. This means we use PHP and several Wieni-modules to make development in Drupal more "developer friendly". I never really liked vanilla Drupal, but the Wieni-stack makes thing a lot more comfortable. So don't let the fact we use Drupal scare you away :).

What did you do before?

I studied interactive Multimedia Design at Thomas More. After my internship I was offered a position at Wieni. I was coached really well en felt that Wieni was a good company to work for. So I was pretty stoked when Wieni offered me a job after my internship.

Why do you like working at Wieni?

There are multiple reasons why I like to work at Wieni.

One of the most important reasons are the colleagues and the interactions we have. Everyone at Wieni does their uttermost best to deliver quality. I really like I can count on my colleagues. Everyone at Wieni is motivated and passionate about the work we do. Which has a very positive influence on me. It is fun working with people who love their job and like where they are.

There is also a good balance between work and play. My days rarely end in stress. We have got managers that are well aware of what is happening. Plus they try to come up with a feasible planning.

And of course also the flexibility. I couldn't imagine living without anymore.