CEO & Founder

Full name: Jelle Van den Bergh / Home office: Leuven / part of Wieni since: 2009 / Personal Wieni ID #1

What do you do at Wieni?

I question everything. In such a way that each of us finds solutions for every problem you can think of :-). I tweak our vision for the future constantly, and attract the right projects and partners to turn that vision into reality. Next to coaching our people, I also get really happy from turning rough briefings into concrete strategic goals and translating those into online concepts.

Have you always been doing this?

No. As I started Wieni in 2009 I had the opportunity to perform all types of roles: ranging from design and frontend development to project management and strategy. That is why I was able to build a team with people who are better at those skills than me. And it is a blessing to work with those talents every day and challenge them constantly.

Why do you get up in the morning?

The best part of the job is to be in contact with our partners on a daily basis. So they keep challenging us and we can grow a sustainable relationship. Wieni gets better as soon as we enter into an active and intense collaboration with our clients. This interaction goes beyond the client-supplier relationship and turns into a solid partnership. That is the most valuable thing for me at Wieni.

Where do you want to go with Wieni?

We are not into becoming the biggest one, but the best one. Our high-quality bespoke approach asks for digital maturity and ambition from our clients. They also must strive for being the best and making a difference. We want to cater our services to those clients. The perfect synergy between technology and design is a perpetual quest. But with an approach that puts the end user at the centre, we manage to get there sooner. We want to create a better and more accessible internet that brings value to both the organisation and the user, together with all employees, partners and projects.