Why is there a * in front of the title of my meeting?

* in front of the meeting title means there is some kind of preparation needed for the meeting.

This can be:

  • watching a video
  • reading a document
  • examine user stories
  • perform technical analysis
  • ...

Preparation time is included by the organiser of the meeting (when possible) together with clear instructions.


We are not a big fan of process and rules. But this is just a little hack that allows people to quickly see if they need to prepare for anything when they check their schedule for the next few days. Without the need to check every detail of every invite.

We heavily rely on the combination of realtime and asynchronous communication, so it is important that everyone comes prepared to a meeting.

A little hack that saves minutes every day and reduces the risk that a meeting needs to be postponed when not everybody has prepared appropriately.