What are the Wieni values?

What defines a Wieni? Which values do we find important?

Team & empathy

Working alone every day? Forget it, at Wieni, you don't work on any project alone. We have never literally spoken the cliché "teamwork makes the dream work" because our daily way of working says enough. Everyone strives to elevate each other to a higher level, continuously improving individual contributions. Feedback and knowledge sharing are therefore central.

That's why empathy is also an important quality. You must be able to put yourself in the shoes of the customer or your colleagues. We never dismiss questions or comments but respond to them with a professional and open attitude.

Challenging & inspiring

Why do we do things the way we do them? Is this the best or easiest solution? We don't like "yes" men/women and we don't conform to stereotypes. On the contrary, we think outside the box! Always with the necessary passion and enthusiasm, of course.

All colleagues constantly scrutinise themselves and each other with a critical eye. Everyone is accountable when necessary and creative when given the opportunity.

Getting things done & no-nonsense

Wieni embodies openness and a no-nonsense mentality. When we say "do it the Wieni way," we mean you shouldn't overcomplicate things. Speak your mind and be straightforward. No need for anything more.

Our "getting things done" approach is an extension of that openness. All Wienis are eager to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Just do it! If something goes wrong, it happens: just fix it.

Qualitative & punctual

In the early creative stages, a quick and rough approach can yield results. However, we are not fans of sloppy work in presentations, code, documentation, or communications. Once real teamwork begins, tasks need to be executed with care.

That is why we have meticulously defined and structured our own process. Only then can we deliver projects of the highest quality, ensuring they are completed on time and with attention to every detail.

Vibrant & playful

We believe that a vibrant approach brings energy and liveliness to our work, allowing us to create dynamic and engaging web experiences. We infuse our projects with a sense of playfulness, encouraging innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.

By embracing a playful mindset, we explore new ideas and push the boundaries of creativity, resulting in websites that captivate and delight users. Our vibrant and playful approach sets us apart, ensuring that our partners' online presence leaves a lasting impression.