How to submit a Wieni Playground project?

When a Wieni has a good idea to innovate, we welcome those ideas. Even better, we pull them in and turn them into real projects or products. We don’t believe in Research & Development for the sake of Research & Development. But we do believe in valuable work catered to a real need of Wieni or one of our partners.

What should you take into account when submitting a Playground project?

  • The idea can match with a specific question from a client or can arise spontaneously. 
  • There needs to be a clear business case that needs to be pitched. What will it cost and what will be the benefits?
  • Co-creation with the customer is a plus
  • Long term and sustainable ideas are even a bigger plus.

How to submit?

Ideas can be submitted via this form (accessible for Wieni’s only). Wieni management then decides if the idea is turned into a Wieni Playground project or gives feedback on how it can become one.