How to prepare for a job interview?

Congratulations! You took the first hurdle by applying successfully for a job. Your application sparked our interest, and you’re invited for an interview. 

The interview will be possible with different people. We don’t want to take too much of your time, and we want to respect the time of our colleagues. So show up prepared and everybody’s happy.

How can you prepare?


  • Read the meeting invite to see if there are any extra questions or homework
  • Check who will join the meeting and try to know who they are and what they do at Wieni
  • Show up two minutes before the scheduled time to test your audio & video


  • Show some personal stuff you’ve created
  • Tell us how you (want to) contribute to a better internet
  • Inspire us with mind-blowing work from others  
  • Ask questions and challenge us


  • It’s always nice to know what the feeling is 24 hours after the call, so please feel free to email us with what you think. We’ll certainly give you feedback as well.