How is our party committee organised?

Congratulations! When you read this, you have been appointed together with a colleague as the Wieni party committee. 🥳

❓ What does this mean?

You organise a fun afterwork activity. You are allowed to design it any way you want: sports, fun, cultural, gastronomy, educational,... You are allowed to combine, but it is not mandatory. Discuss with your colleague and have fun. Outperforming the previous event is a good motivator. However, don’t make it too hard on yourself. Gathering around and having good fun is paramount!

💰 Budget

Wieni provides a budget of 25 EUR per person. When that is not sufficient, ask management for more budget or ask participants to pay a small contribution. You provide statements of all expenses for Rik. Always ask for an invoice addressed to Wieni BV.

📅 Date

You can choose where, how long and when. Communicate in a timely manner and send an invitation to all participants via a Google Calendar invite. Also add who the organising Wieni’s are, so participants know who to address in case of any questions. Try to send the invite as soon as possible, even when you don’t know yet what the activity will be.

State of Wieni-days are ideal as everyone is already together in one location, but it is not mandatory. It is impossible to take everyone’s agenda into account. A Doodle should only be your last resort. It is a mere statistic that there will always be a couple of people that won’t be able to attend.

💪 Good luck!