How do we approach accessibility?

If it depended on Wieni, every website and web application on the planet would be accessible. We choose for an inclusive approach on accessibility in all phases of our process - from strategy and wireframes to design and development. Curious in which different elements and initiatives this manifests itself?

Accessibility = inclusive thinking

For Wieni Accessibility equals inclusive thinking, starting from wireframes via development up until content. A website should simply be accessible to everyone, resulting in better performance and SEO

Do we fancy animations and other bells and whistles? No, for us the essence is paramount: a website must do what it has to do. For as many people as possible. 

Unfortunately there is this misconception that accessibility means "easily usable for people with disabilities". On the contrary, accessibility is about the extent to which the website is usable by each and every visitor

  • For users with a poor internet connection or a limited data subscription, whose website might load slower or not at all
  • For users with a cheaper, old or malfunctioning smartphone, which makes it quite difficult to navigate through the website 
  • For visually impaired users, as they use the keyboard and a screen reader to consume content
  • Easy to visit on all types of screens: an accessible website is responsive. It adapts to  screen size - regardless of desktop or mobile, but also to a screen reader

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

How does Wieni make content accessible for as many people as possible? By following the official principles, better known as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

AnySurfer as quality label

You don’t have to take our word for it, but maybe the word of AnySurfer. This organisation labelled us as a certified web builder. AnySurfer has a mission to make the online world accessible to anyone. They spread the word about the accessibility of websites and coöperate closely with their certified web builders. Also Wieni was certified, by complying with the following rules:

  • Understand the principles of accessibility: every Wieni employee follows a AnySurfer training
  • Apply the principles: our website and the websites of partners such as DNS Belgium were awarded the AnySurfer label, by complying with the official Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • We promote accessibility to our clients: they receive a training and documentation to produce accessible content