How can I boost my success rate when applying for a job at Wieni?

If you follow the application flow on our website, we’ll scan your submission and pass you through to the right people to have a second opinion. They will invite you to a job interview, but not everybody will pass the first step.

What can you do to boost your chances?

  • Record a video
    E-mail is a bad medium to understand each other well and feel the vibe. Also, don’t put too much time into designing a resume. Certainly if you’re not a designer! We are fans of video messages. Try to introduce yourself with a video recording of max 10 mins and zoom-in on the match between yourself, Wieni and the job you’re applying for.
  • Don’t send attachments
    Please provide a public web link to the documents you want to share. (No, we don’t open .docx-files!) As we try to work as sustainable as possible, help us keep our mailbox clean.
  • Focus on personal learning experiences
    What have you learned in the past, and what do you want to learn? 

Important to know: we hire on attitude. It’s cool for companies to say that they hire on skills, not on experience. But actually, we hire on attitude: with a no nonsense approach, always trying to make things better. 

And yes, experience is important. The more you can show us what you learned in school, what you taught yourself, and what you learned in other companies, the more you prove that you share our value of constantly learning. We don’t want to see a longlist of certificates. 


We want to hear personal stories of failure, success and happiness.