Human resources

Full name: Rik Van den Borre / Home office: Okegem / At Wieni since 2017

What do you do at Wieni?

That is what I tend to explain to applicants when they survive the first round. In a second stage they end up talking to me to discuss themselves, their salary and all the fun stuff they can expect at Wieni. During this conversation I also try to assess if their personality will match with the rest of the team.

After someone is hired I'm never far away. The first few months I stand by the new employee. I also take care of payments and all administration.

Once every year I take the time with Hans and Jelle to review the past year and look forward to the next year, together with every employee. What are the mutual expectations? What are we offering in return? Next to positive feedback it is also important to notice that your pay check evolves together with your skillset.

Which questions do you get frequently?

  • When can I start? If there is a match, the sooner the better.
  • How much will I earn? There is no one-size-fits-all. We take into account your experience, your education, your role, your capacities, etc. What you earn netto depends on your personal situation as well (married or not, kids,...)
  • How should I come to work? We do remote work most of the time. But when you come to the office, we look at every individual situation and we try to find a bespoke solution (bike, step, car, public transport,...)

Any funny questions you received before?

As far as I am concerned, there are no funny questions. Starting your professional career, or switching jobs, is a bit of an adventure. It is perfectly normal that questions and insecurities cross your mind. "Am I making the right decision? Will the colleagues be fun? Will I have challenging projects?..."

I try to give a clear answer to every question, so you have peace of mind as soon as you start.

How about learning, education and knowledge sharing at Wieni?

When an employee keeps on learning, it is both valuable for the individual as for the company. A clear win-win. You can suggest in which fields you want to learn more. When we are convinced that everyone will benefit, we are happy to support you and provide the opportunity. We will also trigger you and propose things ourselves once in a while. Of course, the learning does not have to happen during free time. We allow you to get smarter and we pay you at the same time.

Next to that we also offer you the opportunity to share knowledge with your colleagues at certain points in time. The floor is yours!

What is needed for every new Wieni when applying for a job?

Wieni is known for high quality standards. So next to the luggage you bring along, we also expect you to be curious, open to new things, ready to learn, resilient when it is not working out as planned, ready to try (and not afraid to fail). You are able to function both in a team as individually.

We are fond of people who like to fool around once in a while, who enjoy eating/drinking/playing sports together. Basically who like to loosen up and tighten connections. We are convinced that this fuels better collaboration.

Something else they really need to cope with?

Wieni turns you into an expert by constantly providing challenges, allowing you to work on projects where you can have a real impact.

You must also cope with the fact that Wieni receives awards once in a while, so you might to stand in the spotlights every now and then ;).