UX Concept Designer

Wieni is a home for sustainable digital talent. To support our long-standing partnerships with A-list clients, we are constantly looking for people who want to contribute to a better internet.

Full time, Remote position, Employee or Contractor

Your role

Wieni designs and develops web applications that excel in performance and user-friendliness. We have been doing this for the past ten years for clients such as VRT, SBS Belgium, DNS Belgium, UZ Leuven, Bruzz, Studio 100, De Tijd, City of Leuven, Joker Reizen, ...

We need a strong team of challenging strategists and tech-savvy designers to conceptualize these web applications. Which is the reason why we are looking for reinforcement.

You are

  1. You have experience with Design Thinking and/or Service Design frameworks and methodologies.
  2. You are not shy and love to collaborate with our partners in workshops you design and facilitate.
  3. You are keen to grow in Learning by Doing
  4. You want to get under the skin of real users in order to challenge and validate any assumptions we might have.
  5. You explore a range of specific scenarios in order to imagine and articulate what the future could look like.
  6. You turn future scenarios into tangible output and concrete experiments, which we test and validate with real users.
  7. Experience with UI Design is a plus
  8. You have at least 2 years of relevant professional experience in this job


Master or bachelor degree in Communication & Multimedia Design/User Experience Design/UI Design/Communication Sciences/Digital Marketing (or similar through work experience).

Our offer

  1. a spot in our team of sustainable digital talent
  2. A full-time job in a 100% digital agency
  3. A long term engagement, not a short term project
  4. A 40-hour working week
  5. An efficient and effective communication culture - read more about how we default to asynchronous
  6. Remote, but depending on your location, we will look for the best ways to have quality face to face with the team interactions if needed
  7. The possibility to determine when you work, with flexible working hours
  8. A horizontal structure with maximum responsibility
  9. An extensive Learning & Development programme, so you can continuously develop yourself and your capabilities
  10. Customers and projects with impact - working for a better and more accessible internet
  11. An employer with a top reputation

Our culture

We work in a culture that is built for and by our employees: in collaboration & teamwork, always open & transparent, driven by empathy, inspiring, no nonsense, getting shit done, with a punctual mindset.

Where & how we will work

We believe work is an activity, and not a place. We offer high flexibility when it comes to where and when you work. We default to asynchronous communication.

However, we also acknowledge the limits of asynchronous and remote communication. For certain high interaction or social connection activities, we will push for real life interaction.

Our 1-2-3 hiring process

  1. Send us your motivation letter & CV
  2. You’re invited to a “culture check” interview
  3. You talk to our CEO and a future colleague

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